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Web Application Scanner & Daily Malware Detection

XcellHost allows you to identify and eradicate web vulnerabilities and destructive malware

Web applications and Web Malware are proving to be the weakest link in overall corporate security. Organizations need a Web application scanning solution that can scan for security loopholes in Web-based applications to prevent would-be hackers from gaining unauthorized access to corporate applications and data and to prevent the injection suspicious files and malware.

XcellHost's Web application scanner, which protects applications and servers from hackers, is an automated security service that searches for software vulnerabilities within Web applications. A Web application scanner crawls the entire website, analyzes in-depth each & every file, and displays the entire website structure. The scanner performs an automatic audit for common security vulnerabilities while launching a series of simulated Web attacks.

The combination of daily malware detection helping in the protection of your website against suspicious files injection & Daily Blacklist Monitoring checking on the status of your website on the Google Safe Browsing List and other search engines & a remote online web vulnerability-scanner designed to identify security weaknesses in web applications give your website with an optimal protection cover.

Vulnerabilities and Malware signatures are updated on a daily basis from the XcellHost knowledge base, ensuring that you are always checked for the latest threats and vulnerabilities. Done by experts. If something happens in the security world - we are the first to know.

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