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Malware Detection, Monitoring And Alerting Service

XcellHost allows you to identify and eradicate web vulnerabilities and destructive malware

In order to improve existing identification capabilities we are running a heuristic non-signature based detection process which is capable to detect and protect from various kinds of web-threats.

XcellHost malicious content detection engine includes multiple non-signatures based investigation and analysis methods. XcellHost engine identifies JavaScript based attacks and security vulnerability exploits. On top of that, XcellHost engine detects encoded shell-codes, JavaScript obfuscation techniques and JavaScript packers which are used to hide malicious content and dangerous code from signature and pattern based identification mechanisms.

Automatically updated anti-malware layers detect malware threats and suspicious files

XcellHost investigation technology utilizes non-signature investigation approaches which are based on content emulation and penetration testing. This technology is capable of recognizing encoded JavaScript code and binary shell-code inside legitimate media files and digital documents.

Our Email notification system immediately informs you of any signs of possible malicious or any other suspicious activity identified by our engine, so you can take all necessary actions to prevent visitors from being infected by malware.

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