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Verifiable Trust Seal

The instantly recognizable SiteLock Security Seal lets your customers and visitors know your website is safe, and that you've taken the necessary steps to protect them.

Advanced Security Scanning

SiteLock is on the watch for malware, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and other threats through virus scanning, application scanning, network scanning, and more.

Reputation Management

Your online reputation is key to your business success. SiteLock's malware blacklist monitoring, spam blacklist monitoring, and SSL verification ensure smooth communication with your visitors.

Deep 360-Degree Site Scan

The SiteLock Deep 360-Degree Site Scan examines all website files susceptible to threats – including those many other security services miss – searching deep for vulnerabilities and other security issues.

Business Validation

The SiteLock Security Seal lets visitors know that your site has passed the SiteLock daily business verification and validation scanning. This boosts customer confidence (and sales!).

Network Security Scanning

SiteLock scans your network, ensuring clear access to the Internet, and checking that your databases and secure information are locked down. You'll be notified of any weaknesses.

Why SiteLock?
Hackers don't just target big corporate websites

Forensic analysis by the U.S. Secret Service and Verizon Communications show that:

  • 63% of data breaches hit companies with 100 employees or less
  • 95% of the credit card-related data breaches it discovers affect its smallest business customers

Hackers can hijack sites through seemingly friendly applications. If attacked, your site will be blacklisted by major search engines, and instead of your homepage, visitors will see a warning message indicating that your site may harm their computers!

SiteLock helps prevent your site from being hacked, by:

  • Clearly displaying a SiteLock Security Seal - letting users know your site is safe
  • Scanning all your web files thoroughly for possible website vulnerabilities
  • Sending you notifications if something suspicious occurs on your site
  • Helping you take the required action to clean your site and keep cyber criminals out

Inspire Customer Confidence

The SiteLock Security Seal shows the world that you take security seriously. The SiteLock seal has been shown to boost consumer confidence, website traffic, and sales.

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