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Thawte SSL123 Certificate

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A quick SSL security option from a trusted brand
PLEASE NOTE: Thawte SSL123 Certificate now secures both www & non-www domain names with the purchase of a single certificate. The free SAN included is for your base domain only. Excellent Value. 63% Off Retail Price!!


256 bit maximum
Thawte Secure Seal

Site Seal

Product Summary

Validation Type: DV
Issuance: Less than 1 day

Reissue: Unlimited
Warranty: $500,000

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Yes or No Icon Vulnerability Assessment

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Business Validated Business Validated
Mobile Friendly Mobile Friendly
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Thawte™ is one of the most respected names in the SSL industry. This low-cost certificate offers the industry standard 128/256-bit encryption and is one of the most popular Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificates on the planet. What makes it so popular is its combination of trust, security, and speed – as this certificate and it’s widely recognized brand can be issued to a domain in less than one business day. The Thawte SSL123 name says it all, getting a quality security certificate on your small business website or light ecommerce site is as easy as 1... 2… 3!

Getting this certificate issued and installed on your site is a simple process and can usually be completed in less than one business day. That's because the Thawte SSL123 certificate is a Domain Validated certificate , offering a basic level of assurance to your customers and security to your website. However, the Thawte brand is one of the most respected and recognized trust seals on the web, making this certificate one of our more premium DV options.

  • Entry Level Certificate
  • Free SAN Support for common base domain names.
  • Immediate SSL certificate issuance 24/7/365
  • Automated two step online validation - no paperwork
  • Browser recognition - Highest in Industry!
  • Free Site Seal
  • Thawte SSL123 is a mobile browsers friendly certificate
  • $500,000 warranty
** Applicable to a server that supports SNI (Server Name Indication)
  • This certificate covers both www & non-www domain names and it's considered the same FQDN.
  • Due to Automated Validation, Immediate Issuance
  • Domain Validation
  • Domain Name Shown On Certificate Only
  • A Standard Encryption Strength Up to 256-bit
  • Site Seal from Thawte
  • FREE self-service reissues during validity period
  • Unlimited Server License
  • A Complete 30 days refund policy
** Applicable to a server that supports SNI (Server Name Indication)

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