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Parallels Plesk Panel is the preferred choice for hosting service providers, web designers, and website owners. With Parallels commitment towards professional hosting, the 12 release is focused on professional aspects of the product, including business growth, upgrading, upsell and ease of operations, for both web hosts and website owners.

The cPanel software package makes life easier for web hosts and the website owners they serve. It offers easy-to-use, powerful tools that perform essential tasks quickly, easily, and reliably.

Plesk Control Panel For Linux

Parallels Plesk Panel 12 provides everything you need to host websites and web applications, from one to thousands. Parallels Panel is ideal for shared web hosters, web designers, IT professionals, and small businesses who want to manage e-mail and hosting needs in-house. Integrated add-ons from Parallels include Power Pack, Web Presence Builder, Customer & Business Manager, and a Hoster Management Pack.

  • Simple
    The Parallels Plesk comprehensive graphic interface enable even non-technical personnel to perform a wide range of administrative tasks, such as creating new e-mail accounts and managing domains.
  • Secure
    Plesk comes with a large number of system security components and supports 3rd party FTP servers reducing data upload risks. Managing 6 million plus domains, globally, Plesk has proven to be a very secure and stable control panel solution.
  • Fully Automated
    With 100+ new enhancements the Plesk control panel delivers a new ease of management through features like the key auto-update mechanism, auto-component updater, migration manager and a Web-based installation for quick deployment and dedicated need for support.
cPanel Control Panel For Linux

cPanel is a graphical web-based control panel that helps you quickly and easily manage your website and hosting account. cPanel software gives you complete control over a vast amount of functions, streamlining useful processes

cPanel has grown to become the most popular web hosting control panel, running millions of websites around the world. cPanel was created to give server and website owners control over their properties. Whether you're managing one, or hundreds, of servers and/or websites, cPanel software's user friendly point-and-click interface allows you to customize your web hosting experience to fit your needs.

  • Create and Manage E-mail
    cPanel software provides powerful tools for email creation and management. Tools like Account Level Filtering, Auto Responders, and Deliver Reports are just the tip of what cPanel & WHM software provides Website Owners.
  • Manage Files/Pages on Your Website
    cPanel & WHM software puts the Website Owner in control of their files. Tools such as Backup Wizard, File Manager and Web Disk, empower the Website Owners.
  • Enhanced Security
    From Password Protected Directories, and SSL/TLS to HotLink Protection, cPanel & WHM software puts the Website Owner in control of their website.
  • Manage your Domains
    cPanel & WHM software features tools to control every aspect of a Domain. Sub-Domains, Addon Domains, and Redirects give Website Owners the ability to direct and control where and what users get when they type in different addresses.

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