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Include with every Linux Hosting

  • Host several websites
    With our hosting packages you can host them on one package. No need to buy separate hosting for each.
  • Full Email/Chat support
    Everything from patch management to troubleshooting and remediation is covered in our fully managed service, our engineers stop those middle of the night calls.
  • Unlimited capacity
    With our hosting packages you'll get unlimited space, bandwidth and more. Great for busy sites!
  • Includes lots of apps
    Shortcut your way to a great website by using included tools to create blogs, galleries, forums and more.
  • Unlimited bandwidth
    All packages have unlimited bandwidth. That means no excess charges, no matter how many visitors your site gets.
  • Create dynamic sites
    Build interactive sites and use forms with languages like Perl, PHP, CGI.
  • Excellent email
    Check email on your own computer or on your mobile.
  • Programming & Database Features
    Our packages include MySQL - which you'll probably need for a dynamic website.

Hosting Features

  • Manage e-mail accounts
    Addition of addresses, aliases, autoresponders, groups, redirections, webmail, custom quotas, antispam filters.
  • Manage domains
    Several aliases domains for the hosting, creation of sub-domains, management of DNS records.
  • Manage databases
    Creation of you own MYSQL databases, management of your users, web administration interface (phpMyAdmin)
  • Manage files
    Web management of your files, protection of directories, private FTP access, rotation and downloading of log files.
  • Manage scheduled tasks
    Creation of schedules tasks for the execution of scripts
  • Access web statistics
    Daily detailed statistics for different types of access / protocols (AWStats)

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