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Bulk Server Clusters

Bulk Server Clusters

When you need the best price and reliability on 20 or more dedicated servers, you need to call FortaTrust. Many companies know FortaTrust as a reliable discount dedicated server provider. But we also offer bulk servers that save you thousands in hosting costs per month. Our bulk server programs give you:

  • Handle large volumes of web traffic
  • Save thousands with FortaTrust
  • Get dedicated support
Backup Servers

Backup Servers

Do you have a remotely hosted backup server? If you don't, consider the consequences. Remote backup servers are an affordable way to keep your files secure in emergency circumstances.

  • Be ready when disaster strikes
  • Complete control over your backup solution
  • Configured just for you
  • Continual monitoring
Gaming Servers

Gaming Servers

Serious about gaming? FortaTrust has you covered—and we won't break your bank, either. These servers are designed for speed, without the lag.

  • Ready to run when you are
  • Don't share your server bandwidth
  • Play any game you want, when you want
  • Forget about game slots - you get the full server
  • The speed you need

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