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Included with all Servers

  • Linux Operating SystemAll Server Includes Linux Operating System License at no extra charge.
  • MYSQL ServerPowerful MYSQL at no extra charge.
  • Paraller Plesk LinuxTake advantage of our powerful, easy-to-use control panel for maximum control over your site with Unlimited Domain Hosting.
  • McAfee Security AgentMcAfee End-Point Security Agent (Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware) Detects & treats hundreds of thousands of viruses, worms, trojans and other threats.
  • OpenVPN SoftwareOpenVPN Software (SSL VPN Access) Create an encrypted VPN connection right to the backend network at the Data Center.
  • SSL Certificate (256 bit)SSL Certificates are designed to encrypt web site. Used to built consumer trust + business verification.
Powerful Plesk Control Panel

Parallels Plesk Panel is the preferred choice for hosting service providers, web designers, and website owners. With Parallels commitment towards professional hosting, the 11.5 release is focused on professional aspects of the product, including business growth, upgrading, upsell and ease of operations, for both web hosts and website owners.

  1. Manage your server from anywhere – Web based or Mobile
  2. Turnkey installation of Web, Email, and Database Services
  3. Mobile website publishing and optimization
  4. Envision, create and curate your website, with tools that integrate directly into Parallels Panel
  5. Resell hosting Services
  6. One-click installation of hundreds of free applications

Parallels Plesk Panel 11 provides everything you need to host websites and web applications, from one to thousands. Parallels Panel is ideal for shared web hosters, web designers, IT professionals, and small businesses who want to manage e-mail and hosting needs in-house. Integrated add-ons from Parallels include Power Pack, Web Presence Builder, Customer & Business Manager, and a Hoster Management Pack.

Managed Services Included with All Servers

  • Managed Firewall Services
    Protects your server from various network attacks from unsolicited incoming traffic.
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention System
    Guards against denial of service, malicious traffic, viruses, malware, phishing, spyware and more.
  • Full Administrator Access for your server
    We allow you remote desktop access to your server applications for maximum control.
  • Geo-Redundant DNS Servers for Domain Name Parking & Hosting
    Powered by multiple redundant DNS Server hosted / located in multiple datacenters across the globe.
  • Automatic Proactive Security Management
    We proactively apply Security updates + patches to keep your server secure.
  • 24/7 Basic Support (Web / E-Mail / Phone Support)
    All our products and services are backed by our expert Microsoft Certified Support Team.
  • Managed Services - Enterprise Backup
    Your data is automatically backed up, ensuring that your information is kept safe & sound. XcellHost Managed Backup Plans available.
  • Managed Services - SysAdmin Advanced Support
    XcellHost Managed Service Plans available.
  • Network Monitoring
    Monitors the network for problems caused by overloaded or crashed servers & other devices.
  • Top Tier Multi-Homed Network (99.99% Uptime SLA)
    Premium bandwidth from various upstream providers + Global & Local Peering. Less than > 100 ms from your network.

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