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Cloud Email Marketing - Email Delivery Management

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XcellHost goes the extra mile to get your email delivered.

One of the make or break caveats of any email marketing campaign is email deliverability. We know there is possibly nothing more frustrating than designing the perfect campaign and then seeing it fall flat – which is what happens when it gets labelled as SPAM and is never read by your recipient. We have therefore gone the extra mile to ensure that this does not happen. Here's what we have done:

  • We have ensured that all of our delivery servers have been whitelisted by many of the larger ISP's, including Gmail, Outlook.com & Yahoo! Our servers are also integrated into the spam reporting systems for other large ISP's such as Hotmail and MSN. As a result we are confident of your emails being delivered. It also allows us to take and keep any sender not following best practice off our servers.
  • Our team monitors the blacklists daily. If a server gets blacklisted, we remove it from the cluster immediately and ensure that the customer doesn't suffer.
  • Our internal team scrutinizes each new campaign and any campaigns that seem like spam are removed and the account is closed immediately.
  • Our team verifies all recipient lists that are imported and ensures they comply with our permission policy.
  • Every email sent using our software contains a single click unsubscribe link.
  • We monitor the abuse email account closely and follow up each every complaint immediately. Our software is directly integrated into abuse complaint systems for some large ISP's. If a sender receives an unacceptable number of complaints their account is terminated. 

Therefore, we try our very best to ensure each email that is sent through XcellEmailMarketer is permission based and doesn't negatively impact the quality and reputation of our service - and more importantly, your recipients.

Comprehensive help system
Do you need help with any of the tools or options? Are you not sure what a particular term means? At XcellEmailMarketer you will find a large, searchable help system to try and answer these and any other questions you might have.

Free technical support
Whatever question or concern that you may have, XcellHost provides free email technical support for all customers via the integrated support system. Our team will get on it promptly and do their best to get an answer to you as quickly as possible.

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