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Cloud Email Marketing - Campaign Management

→  Boost Your Sales Using Targeted Marketing
→  Professional, Elegant, Error-Free Mailing
→  Powerful Reporting and Analytics
→  Each Message is Sent Individually

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XcellHost has been designed exclusively for the use of web designers to send permission based email newsletters for themselves and their clients. So you will find it packed with the features you'll love to use. You will also find it easy to navigate and unbelievably simple to design and send out a campaign. Only your imagination is the limit.

No limitations
As you get complete control over the design and structure of your email campaigns there are no limitations on what you can or can't do. You don't have to use our templates or stay below a certain file size and you can send in HTML, plain text or both.

Go personal
In order to improve the response rates for your campaigns and achieve a better one-to-one relationship with each recipient, you have the option to personalize the content of each mail in your campaign. By adding a simple tag to the subject line or email content, Octane dynamically converts these to real data, such as first name, last name, email address, etc for each recipient.

Test your campaign
As professionals all of us understand how important it can be to test your campaign on different email environments. XcellHost makes it simple and convenient to send previews of your campaigns to any email address. This option also makes pitching designs and getting concepts approved by your clients stress free.

Time it right
With XcellHost you have the option of timing your deliveries down to 5 minute intervals, ensuring your campaign is sent at the optimal time. Where ever in the world your recipients are located, through this handy tool now the deliveries can easily be scheduled in their time zones. Once the delivery take place, you also have the option of calling in for a confirmation for the same.

Pay on use
If you are designing a campaign for a client, then our pricing structure allows you to pass these costs on to your clients when you send their campaign.

Our pricing structure is so modelled that if during a specific month you don't have much activity planned – you don't have to unnecessarily spend on a service that you haven't used. It also means that you never pay any setup, monthly or hidden fees and only pay when you're actually sending a large campaign. So you never lose money if you have a quiet month.

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