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Cloud Email Marketing - Advanced Reporting

→  Easily generated custom reports from anywhere
→  Generation of standard or custom reports
→  Hierarchical optimization feature
→  Gain more control reports

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XcellEmarketer - Comprehensive Reporting
The only way to really measure the effectiveness of your campaign is through comprehensive real-time reports. XcellEmarketer allows you to give your clients access to these reports though our Client Report Access feature.

Get your facts at a glance
The way our reports have been designed you get a campaign summary that lets you and your clients view and judge the results of the campaign from a single page. You can see how many recipients opened your email, clicked a link, unsubscribed, bounced and lots more.

Detailed monitoring
We also have a detailed monitoring report that checks over time exactly who opens your email, how many times they do it, and the specifics like date and time. This way both the client and you can get a good perspective on the life of the campaign down to the minutest details.

Subscriber interest factor
Through XcellMail Marketing's Active Links Report you can easily learn what interests your subscribers. This way you can get a perspective on the number of clicks that each link received in your email, which recipient clicked on that link, when they clicked it and how many times.

Bounces, unsubscribes and spam complaints
Through the XcellMail Marketing System all bounces and unsubscribes get processed automatically. However, you can still see exactly who and when they left your list.

We have also integrated XcellMail Marketing into a number of large ISP's like Hotmail and Yahoo! If any of your recipients at these ISP's marks your campaign as spam, then while we'll remove them from your list, we will also provide detailed reports about who marked it as spam and when.

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