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Cloud-Based IP Communication as a Service - UC Voice with Microsoft Lync

XcellHost UC Voice with Microsoft® Lync offers an array of unified communication features, such as voice calling, presence, chat, voicemail and point-to-point video, behind a single client. With the Lync client, you can instantly access multiple communication tools for real-time collaboration, across a selection of devices.

Put voice in the cloud
Preserve existing voice investments
Kick-start your voice transformation

Single number reach

In-the-office and out-of-the-office voice worlds have come together. Now, workers can have a single number that rings simultaneously on a desk phone, mobile phone and other client devices. They can decrease "phone tag" with peers, partners and customers by increasing first-time reach.

Unified messaging

How much time do your employees waste checking multiple voicemail systems? Bring them together with unified access to a single voicemail box.

Presence and collaboration

Bring the right people together at the right time. During a voice call, use presence to check the availability of colleagues in real time. Send an instant message to an available resource for a quick answer. For face-to-face communication, extend invitations for an on-demand video conference on a range of endpoints -- from an IP video phone to a desktop or mobile device.

Seamless multi-tasking

With a consolidated view into multiple voice and UC applications, workers can move smoothly between tools and communication modes. Need to escalate an issue? Move from a chat with one person to a collaborative conference with many.

Multi-device access

Since XcellHost UC Voice works on a mix of select desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, employees can think less about which device to use and more about the task at hand.

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