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Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Services for Continuous Protection

When you're in charge of a business that strides forward with the latest advances in technology, the last thing on your mind is the cost of being crippled by downtime.

Flexible replication options
Provides application-consistent recovery points
Pre-built virtual recovery environments

Your Organization needs DR when

  • Your business functions are heavily dependent on IT

  • Your options for resiliency are not as robust as they should be

  • Your customers are being interrupted by downtime and data loss

  • You are worried about the true costs to your business due to disaster

But with new technology comes new risk – in particular the potential to lose access to data and applications through events as simple as a power outage to as catastrophic as a natural disaster. No business can gamble with lost revenue or reputation because of downtime – which is why they rely on us and our cloud-based business continuity and disaster recovery services.

Using a combination of replication, backup services and hosting across a selection of our six strategically-located data centers, XcellHost cloud architects create custom solutions to meet our customers' specific disaster recovery requirements. We provide continuous protection by seamlessly integrating either a customer's on-premise environment with a XcellHost recovery site, or a XcellHost data center with a XcellHost recovery site.

Backup + Replication = Total Protection

The XcellHost solution suite provides for total protection through our Enterprise Backup and Cloud Replication offerings. Each can be self-managed through XcellHost's robust Customer Portal.

Enterprise Backup

Our enterprise backup solution uses advanced, disk-based technology to provide both local and remote backup (including file-level, bare-metal and system state) to one of six data centers from a customer's on-premises environment or another XcellHost data center.

Cloud Replication

Facilitated by VMware's Site Recovery Manager (SRM 5), our cloud replication connects an organization's on premises and cloud-based environments with our recovery infrastructure for off-site data replication and continuous application availability.

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