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Fast-track the success of your startup

WebMatrix brings you easy access to your Windows Azure websites. Access your remote sites as seamlessly as local sites. When you need to protect your work or collaborate on team projects, you'll love our integration of Git and TFS source control systems. These are just a few of the highly requested features we've added in WebMatrix!

  • Your companion for the cloud
  • Remote Site Editing
  • Source Control with GIT
  • Source control with TFS

Why Choose WebMatrix?

  • Optimized for the Cloud
    Many websites demand higher availability and scale, on demand. With WebMatrix, you can directly deploy your web sites to Windows Azure and enjoy full support for the new Windows Azure Web Sites.
  • Designed for Standards
    WebMatrix provides rich support for open source applications, ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js, and other web standards. Its powerful features that make your development life easier, including color pickers, JavaScript IntelliSense, tools for search, and more.
  • Focus on Developer Productivity
    Tools should make your life easier. WebMatrix offers a rich editor designed for productive coding with auto completion, syntax highlighting, code collapsing, and code validation.
  • Websites Optimized for mobile
    Many viewers now visit websites via smart phones, tablets, and other devices. It is important to design your websites not only for the desktop, but also for these new form factors.
  • Extended by the Community
    Want an iPhone simulator or power tools for Node.js? Find extensions that add even more functionality to WebMatrix, or create your own.
  • Remote Site Editing
    Simply open your remote sites, make changes, and hit Save. The lightweight performance and full editing capability (including intellisense) make it feels like you are editing a local site!


With WebMatrix, Microsoft offers a quick and free way to develop your site. With XcellHost you now have an affordable and reliable WebMatrix host for your site! With WebMatrix hosting on XcellHost you can install all the latest versions of your favorite free applications like DotNetNuke, WordPress or Orchard CMS.

  • Create Your Web Site
    WebMatrix makes it easy to get started creating websites. You can up and running less than 10 minutes! With WebMatrix you can install the latest version of your favorite free open source web applications such as WordPress, DotNetNuke and/or Orchard.
  • Customize Your Web Site
    WebMatrix provides all the tools you need in a single interface to perform common web development tasks. With WebMatrix, you are a click away from editing your files, managing your database and modifying your server settings.
  • Publish Your Web Site
    When you are ready with your web site, WebMatrix provides an easy way to publish your website. You can publish directly from WebMatrix!
  • Optimized for Open Source
    Open source web applicationss helps you get started developing websites, but they can often times be time-consuming to get configured on your computer. WebMatrix makes it simple and straightforward to download and configure open source applications.
  • Extended by the Community
    WebMatrix now supports extensions that can extend its core functionality. You can discover new features in the Extension Gallery or, you can share your extensions with the world through the Extension Gallery.
  • Opening the Learn Pane
    When you open the Learn Pane, you will see a set of three control icons in the lower right corner. The rightmost icon (the pushpin) allows you to pin the Learn Pane.

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