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Dynamic profiling and frequency analysis ensures that the most frequently accessed resources are identified and fetched directly from memory. This speeds up the content delivery by bypassing the file system, without relying on slower access mechanisms such as buffer-cache.

Global CDN & Intelligent Content Caching

XcellHost's CDN is a powerful network of data centers located around the world that delivers full site acceleration. On average, websites using XcellHost's CDN are 50% faster and consume 40%-70% less bandwidth. Harnessing a unique combination of application-aware traffic analysis, dynamic profiling and intelligent caching technologies, our CDN maximizes cacheable content while ensuring that the most frequently accessed resources are always served from memory.

Content and Networking Optimization

XcellHost uses a number of content optimization techniques to accelerate performance and minimize latency. Minification shrinks the size of your webpages by removing unnecessary characters on the fly. Image compression improves performance by reducing the size of images sent to the user. Session optimization reduces the number of open connections to your web server (e.g., SSL sites), helping to reduce initial connection time and unnecessary latency.

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