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CNAM Service And Your Organization's Perimeter

The CNAM service is designed to provide a network attack management for your internet facing IT Infrastructure. CNAM leverages a custom developed correlation engine that analyses event data from all the security monitoring / management devices in the system like firewalls, NIDS/NIPS, HIDS/ HIPS.

CNAM – Log Analysis And Correlation

The advance correlation engine has built-in intelligence to recommend action to deal with the attack. This service makes the security management task manageable by eliminating the need to analyze event logs for every device separately.

What's Included In The CNAM Service

  • • Standard Network Attack Monitoring
  • • Reactive Event Support
  • • Quarterly Security Audit
  • • Global Security Feed (advanced)
  • • Detection Engine Customization
  • • Correlation Engine Customization
  • • Advisory Services
  • • Attack Analysis and Reporting
  • • Automated IP Address Blocking in Firewall

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