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XcellExchange - Cloud Exchange 2013

XcellHost hosted exchange module offers you everything you require to design, sell, bill, provision and manage hosted exchange. Whether starting with single exchange server or have a running Exchange Server cluster, XcellHost works with any type of new or existing infrastructure.

It's user friendliness, stability, flexibility and comprehensive functionality to manage mailboxes, distribution lists, contacts, public folders makes it an ideal choice for Hosting service providers, Teleco's and SME's.

  • Included antivirus & antispam
  • Aliases & email forwarding
  • Distribution lists
  • 30MB outgoing message size
  • No contract required
  • 14 day deleted items retention

Top 5 reasons to choose XcellHost
XcellHost helps you achieve the new standard for business email:

Expert migration is included
Our Cloud team has migrated over 50,000 mailboxes. They'll help you move with no downtime—at no extra charge.
Business-grade productivity
Exchange unlocks the power of Outlook with Fortune 50-style email, calendar and contacts tools.
Easy business mobility
Your users can sync their mail, calendar and contacts across any smartphone or tablet.
Simple-yet-powerful administration
Get central control over all your users, services, devices and locations with XcellHost's control panel.
Worry-free reliability
XcellHost offers the highest levels of security and reliability—including a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Mobility, upgraded

Sync Calendard and Contacts - Not Just Email
Keep track of all your calendar and contacts from multiple devices and computers. Just like email, get calendar reminders pushed to you to remind you of an upcoming appointment.

Synchronized Across All Devices
For customers hosted on Exchange Plan 2 will have their email, contacts and calendars synchronised across their web, mobile and desktop devices. Your information is always up to date regardless of where you are.

Wipe Your Phone
If you ever need to remove sensitive email data from a lost mobile phone or disgruntled employee, Exchange provides administrators with the ability to 'remote wipe' a mobile phone.

Exchange Management Features

  • Segregated Tenants
  • Exchange Mail Domains
  • Mailbox Creations and Management
  • Distribution Lists Management
  • Mail Contacts Management
  • Public Folder Management
  • Support of User, Room, Equipment & Linked Mailboxes
  • Mailbox Database Creation & Management
  • Ability to Move Mailboxes from One Database to Other
  • UM Features
  • Active Sync
  • Archiving Management
  • Journaling Management
  • Litigation Hold & Retention Management
  • Company Disclaimer
  • Create Bulk Mailboxes including Linked mailboxes via CSV
  • Download Profile to configure Outlook
  • Manage Automatic Replies for Mailbox
  • Support for CCR and DAG

Control Panel 

  • Advance Control for Providers and Resellers
  • Self Service Tool for Reseller, End Customer & even End User
  • Manage Multiple Hosted/Dedicated Exchange environments from a single Control panel
  • Integration with XcellHost Billing, Helpdesk , Network Monitoring Systems, Ecommerce & Offline Order Forms

Billing and Reporting 

  • Sell Basic, Standard, Standard Plus, Enterprise or Enterprise Plus Mailboxes or bundled resources using Service Plan
  • Detailed Usage Reports with the ability to Extract in Excel and Auto Schedule
  • SPLA Reporting including Per Customer with the ability to Extract in Excel and Auto Schedule

DNS Management 

  • Auto Generated DNS Records for Exchange Domains

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