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Get the email you want. Block the spam, viruses and junk mail you don't. XcellEmailDefense – Cloud Email Filtering Services (Anti-Spam + Anti-Virus) from XcellHost

It saves you time and money by blocking unwanted messages and keeping your system free of adware, spyware and viruses. With XcellEmailDefense there is no onsite hardware or software required.
Set-up is easy: A simple change to your MX records is all it takes to get started. You'll receive a Daily Spam Digest Report to see the spam you're (not) missing.

You can also find and restore any legitimate messages we might mistake for spam.

Simply pay a low monthly, per-user fee to keep it. And there's no long-term obligation or cancellation fee, so you can stop the service any time you'd like. Easy. Effective. Affordable. Try XcellEmailDefense today and experience email without spam.

XcellEmailDefense Services Key Benefits & Features:

No Capital Investment (CAPEX). No Hardware or Software to buy !!
Since the service is delivered thru the Cloud there is no upfront capital investment in hardware, software or IT services. This removes many of the barriers faced by today's businesses that strive to implement up to the minute messaging security solutions.
Reduced Bandwidth, Storage & Server Costs
By reducing mail traffic before it reaches your mail server(s), XcellEmailDefense helps you reduce your traffic overheads. Bandwidth is now available for legitimate business use such as VPNs, conferencing, etc. Reduced mail traffic also reduces the load on your mail server(s) and allows them to do their primary job: to deal with real email. This process also reduces your cost on storage as it relieves you from running a quarantine system.
Saves time of IT staff
With XcellEmailDefense being a fully managed service you avoid having to manage quarantine, upgrade, patch or refresh hardware and also train, retain and recruit the technical resources required to run an email security solution. XcellEmailDefense allows your IT staff to re-focus their efforts on high value areas by offloading the management of the platform to the XcellEmailDefense team.
Increases staff productivity
With XcellEmailDefense blocking 99.9% of Spam and Phishing attacks from entering your network and no quarantine to manage, staff has more time on their hands. They no longer have to delete Spam from their in-box or manage quarantine folders.
Faster resolution of email related support queries
XcellEmailDefense customers have access to an extensive reporting & monitoring portal. The portal tracks and records Metadata of all your email communication with the outside world. This helps your IT support team understand exactly what happened to an email. With immediate near-real-time access to logs, queries can be attended to in a matter of minutes.
XcellEmailDefense DataCentres are situated in INDIA LOCALLY
XcellEmailDefense Data Centres are located in multiple IDCs in different cities in India locally. This means that your email is processed & delivered locally and does not have to be sent to a data centre overseas.
Safe guards your brand & employees
XcellEmailDefense Service accuracy in stopping outbound malicious email is 99.9% for Spam & Phishing attacks & 100% of all known viruses. By stopping malicious emails from going out XcellEmailDefense protects the employees of our customers from embarrassment.
Data Leakage prevention
XcellEmailDefense can be used to stop certain file types from leaving the organisation. This helps your company protect intellectual property and important data leaving the organisation.

Business Continuity Benefits:

Geographically Distributed Architecture
XcellEmailDefense service is delivered through a geographically redundant system ensuring reliability and performance. All systems are highly available through design and based on Internet standards. We manage and run dual data-centres; this ensures that your email will continue to flow to your mail servers even if our primary data centre goes offline.
Mail Queuing
In the event of your mail server or internet link failing XcellEmailDefense will queue messages for delivery until it is available again (to a maximum of 8 days). We do not limit by size or number of messages held in queue.
Message Delivery flexibility
XcellEmailDefense is deployed on world class infrastructure providing redundant load balanced delivery of your email. Our data centres are in an active – active configuration providing real time switching of traffic if required. Our experts will work with your network operations team to design a suitable email delivery process prior to implementation.

Key Technology Benefits:

Spam & Phishing FREE network
We offer our customers 99.9% protection from spam & phishing attacks before such attacks reach your network. This makes your border extremely secure. XcellEmailDefense has scanned more than 1 Billion messages and has maintained this extremely high accuracy throughout.
Virus FREE network
With email borne viruses no longer quarantined within your network and stopped even before it gets to your border, the chance of your network being infected via email from the outside world is near zero.
Global Security Intelligence
XcellEmailDefense Anti-Spam Vendor has the ability to globally aggregate, data mine and correlate large volumes of information on a 24x7x365 basis. They analyze data from their Early Warning System (approximately 40,000 touch points), 150 million AV desktops, 300 million Anti-spam Inboxes, along with their 6,000 managed security devices in approximately 75+ countries.
No more DoS attacks, Spam bombs, Connection based attacks, etc
XcellEmailDefense requests its customers to block Port25 to the world except our IP ranges. This helps protect your mail servers from direct attacks such as DoS (Denial of service) attacks, Spam bombs, Connection based attacks, etc.
Quick & easy to implement
The biggest fear for today's customer is that something could go wrong after installing new software or hardware. The XcellEmailDefense service is non-intrusive and requires no change to your existing network or infrastructure. A simple change is made at the ISP or service provider to redirect mail to XcellEmailDefense, where it is scanned, cleaned and delivered.
Efficient Use of Infrastructure
An improvement in network and hardware utilisation can be achieved immediately. Because traffic is offloaded before it enters your network the life of existing network and hardware infrastructure is extended and the requirement for capital reinvestment can be delayed.
Clear indication of mail traffic
XcellEmailDefense reports your mail statistics every 15 minutes via a secure login to our portal. This information is graphed and assists with looking at growth requirements for your real email.
Protects you IP address from being blacklisted on outbound
As a customer of XcellEmailDefense your mail server will be using the XcellEmailDefense IP range instead of an ISP (which is the norm in most cases). Apart from having a range of IP's XcellEmailDefense operates on a dual data centre (active-active) architecture, which means that if our primary site is facing difficulties your email will automatically be routed via our secondary site.
Protect you from excess data (over-use) charges on outbound
XcellEmailDefense will stop infected computers from within your network to relay spam to the outside world, i.e. 1000's of messages leaving your network. Therefore, making sure that your bandwidth is used for just clean mail going out rather than spam from an infected computer.

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