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1 to 100 Users


  • Best for small businesses from 1 to 100 Users
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101 to 499 Users


  • Best for medium & large businesses from 100 to 499 Users
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500 to 999 Users


  • Best for large & corporate businesses from 500 to 999 Users
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1000+ Users


  • Best for big industries businesses with more than 1000 Users
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XcellEmailDefense Premium

Inbound Filtering (Anti-Virus + Anti-Spam)
Outbound Filtering (Anti-Virus + Anti-Spam)
Multiple MX Pointers
Quarantine Storage
Mail Filtering thru Anti-Virus Engines
Mail Filtering thru Anti-Spam Engines
Anti-Spoofing / Anti-Spyware / Anti Phishing
Policy Engine
Rule + Policy Applicability
Spam Digest Mail
Content Filtering
Uptime SLA + High Availability
Spam Kill Rate %
Average Mail Filtering + Delivery Time (in seconds)
Identifies Spam in
False Positive Ratio
Access Message Queue
Automatic Mail Spooling if your mail server go down

To Order Call XcellHost Messaging Sales Team at +91.22.67111555 OR Sales Toll Free 1-800-212-2322 e-mail us at salesms@xcellhost.in

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