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XcellEmailDefense proactively stops harmful viruses and spam from entering your network. It is a cloud security solution that reduces the impact on your network traffic. XcellEmailDefense filters all inbound and outbound email through multilayered protection systems located across our global data centres.

XcellEmailDefense is the most effective solution to protect your email gateway. It provides end-to-end security, delivering consistent protection against new and evolving spam and virus methods, whilst also protecting against data leakage and breaches of confidentiality.

Supported by comprehensive email usage reports, XcellEmailDefense protects against the unauthorised distribution of confidential or commercially sensitive information by providing a 360 degree view of your inbound and outbound email traffic.

XcellEmailDefense is a fully managed service delivers peace of mind. Our dedicated team of security specialists and our systems are working 24 x 7 to stop email threats before they enter your network.

Inbound Email Filtering

XcellEmailDefense Inbound Email Filtering offers unrivalled protection from spam, phishing attacks and email viruses. XcellEmailDefense's locally based data centers remove 99.999% of spam and 100% known viruses, delivering only clean and safe email into customer networks, optimizing bandwidth and freeing up IT resources. Over 65 filtering technologies are applied during the processing of email.

Outbound Email Filtering

XcellEmailDefense Outbound Email Filtering ensures customers never send spam or viruses from an infected computer on their network. Unintentional spamming can cause terrible damage to a company's reputation and see mail servers IP blacklisted as a result. XcellEmailDefense safeguards outbound email and brand reputation by managing our customers' email distribution for them.

Email Hosting

XcellEmailDefense Email Hosting protects both your inbound and outbound email flows. This is particularly useful for smaller organizations that don't wish to invest in server hardware or hiring staff to manage their email infrastructure. All of XcellEmailDefense's email hosting products include full inbound and outbound email filtering as standard, protecting your staff from unsolicited email-borne security threats such as spam, virus and phishing attacks.


XcellEmailDefense SmartRules detects and prevents sensitive or inappropriate content leaving or entering internal networks via email.

XcellEmailDefense Business Continuity

XcellEmailDefense Business Continuity provides off-site email disaster recovery options to customers who host their own email platform, giving peace of mind that valuable business email is protected in the event of unplanned server and ISP outages or other in-house service failure.

Triple-X Image Analyzer

XcellEmailDefense's Triple-X Image Analyzer is an adult image detection service that enables companies to scan and filter inappropriate adult content from all email entering or leaving the company, via the XcellEmailDefense datacenters.

Premium Customer Support

Premium Support - 24/7/365 helpdesk support is included with our Enterprise Edition, and is an optional Add-on for Professional Editions.

ActiveXcell (Syncing)

ActiveXcell - Internal Active Directory Syncing - Integrate your corporate Active Directory structure with XcellEmailDefense services. ActiveXcell allows customers to integrate their internal MS Active Directory information with their XcellEmailDefense services to deploy group and role-based email policies.

Bulk Outbound Mail Relay

Bulk Outbound Mail Relay - Sending bulk emails to several thousand recipients could place your company at risk of being mistaken as a source of spam and could lead to your mail server's IP address being blacklisted. XcellEmailDefense Bulk Outbound Mail Relay safeguards your company from IP blacklisting.

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