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At XcellHost, we believe that customers shouldn't have to settle for a storage platform that doesn't meet all of their needs. Our Powerful Storage solutions are designed to optimize performance, remove complexity, and balance growth; all of which are key considering the data explosion we've experience over the past few years. Why spend time managing data when your priorities are organizational growth and customer support? Let the certified storage experts at XcellHost alleviate the headaches often associated with time consuming data management, so you can concentrate on core IT initiatives.

Managed data storage is the process of offloading an organization's data storage requirements to a third-party service provider. The storage can be located onsite or offsite, depending on the company's needs and the managed data storage service provider. Managed storage services can decrease capital expenses associated with buying and administrating storage systems by simply ordering more storage capacity or services as needed, instead of having to purchase new hardware and software.

Why Managed Storage?

Whether you need a storage and backup solution for mission-critical production data, reference or archive data, you can be assured of worry-free management of your key information assets with Internap's managed storage service. By subscribing to Internap's managed data storage and backup services, you can:

  • Avoid large capital outlays for incremental storage
  • Pay for only what you need
  • Lower the operational costs of storing and managing your data
  • Eliminate routine data management tasks to focus on your core business
  • Safeguard data from both external threats and internal problems
  • Recover data quickly and easily

Our Managed Storage Services:

  • Enterprise Data Storage
    Our Storage Services Architecture Is Designed For High Availability With Redundant Switching And Enterprise Class Storage Arrays From Several Leading Vendors.
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
    Flexibility and scalability take center stage in our NAS solution, making it ideal for unstructured content like medical images or rich media files.
  • Storage Area Networks (SAN)
    Storage Area Networks offer the ultimate in data availability making our SAN solution the best choice for critical databases or other applications.
  • Data Backup Services
    Data Backup & Restoration services include daily incremental and weekly full backups that help ensure business continuity in case of data loss.
  • Remote Data Replication
    Add redundancy and resiliency to your business continuity plans by replicating your data in a second, geographically remote data center.
  • Enterprise Disaster Recovery
    XcellHost helps lower your risk profile by crafting Disaster Recovery solutions that quickly and cost effectively restores data during an outage.

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