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At XcellHost we understand that sometimes the only thing holding a customer back from switching to a more reliable host is the fear of how hard website migration can be. That's why we've taken the pain out of moving hosts. With XcellHost Managed Migration, we'll move your files and databases from your current hosting company for you. We'll even take care of establishing any custom configurations you need. Once the website migration is complete, just change the DNS for a seamless, no-hassle switch to XcellHost. It's that easy.

XcellHost performs migrations and site-cutover seamlessly, autonomously, with zero downtime and zero data loss. Because performing migrations has been a fundamental part of our business from the very beginning, we guarantee against double billing, outtages, data loss, and other undesirable consequences of poorly planned service transitions.

XcellHost Migrations Includes:

  • Physical server OS migration
  • Physical to Virtual conversions and transfers in the cloud
  • Virtual-to-virtual machine conversions and transfers in the cloud
  • Storage subsystem migrations
  • Network Engineering & VLAN configuration
  • Application and Database Server Configuration changes
  • Network Device & Firewall configuration
  • Deployment system configuration management
  • Benchmarking & Load testing / QA management

Migration Process

  • Feasibility Review and Needs Assessment
    One of our representatives from our System Administration department will send you a request for logins to you source server.
  • Migration Plan
    During this stage, a member of our Senior System Administration team will access your server, and begin to formulate the plan that will be used to complete your migration.
  • Start Transfer
    Once we review the details with you and receive your authorization to proceed, we will begin the migration. During this phase, we start moving your data into the XcellHost infrastructure.
  • Testing
    After the transfer of files completes, we will require your cooperation to ensure everything appears to function properly from your end. We will also ask you to check any custom configurations that were requested by you in the first step of the migration.
  • DNS Transfer
    Once you have confirmed that the final Sync was completed correctly and are happy with the result, then we will start to manage the DNS migration.
  • Final Sync
    Once the testing stage has completed, we will process another Sync from our end. What this does is update all files that have changed or are new to the destination server post Testing stage.

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