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XcellHost offers a wide range of Managed Load Balancing services, comprised of top tier and industry-rated technology, which can be provided right on your XcellHost Internet connection or as a dedicated appliance. Based on your business model and needs, XcellHost will help you to identify and determine the Load Balancing option that best suits your application.

With XcellHost Load Balancers, your website will be capable of handling the most popular of media events, viral campaigns and social networking trends. Load Balancers provide increased performance to your website by distributing traffic efficiently to multiple servers, and create a more robust and fault-tolerant system.

Service Features:

From planning to implementation, administration to monitoring, XcellHost load balancers help your site perform under any demand so that you can focus on your site's content, rather than how it's being hosted.

  • Port-Based and Dedicated appliance option
  • Range of Industry-Standard Load Balancing Algorithms
  • Guaranteed SLA's
  • Increase bandwidth anytime
  • Transparently connect new low-cost Internet Links (DSL/Cable) to existing network
  • Increase your bandwidth up to three (3) Internet links
  • Achieve upto 100% Internet Uptime
  • Links are actively used and automatically backed-up
  • Reduce connectivity cost through the use of Internet links

Migration Process

  • High-availability web cluster
    99.999% uptime target? When downtime is not an option, a web cluster ensures high-availability. Balance traffic between two or more servers for improved performance, failover and enhanced security
  • Centralized data storage
    Share data among people and websites with a centralized storage solution. No replication or duplication, saving time and resources while reducing risk. iWeb offers redundant storage servers and Storage Area Networks (SAN) for more complex scenarios.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
    Dedicated servers are the most powerful hosting option - perfect for high-traffic websites and applications. Your dedicated server is kept safe, secure and connected to the internet by XcellHost.
  • Backup and security management
    Complete control over security and backup - from frontline defence to contingency planning and disaster recovery. Our security specialist can recommend and manage your secure environment using Cisco firewalls, R1soft data backup and our own expertise.

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