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XcellHost's managed hosting services suite has been designed with the underlying principal that no two clients have the exact same hosting needs. It is with this in mind that we have designed our managed hosting services. These services are available on an individual basis for your dedicated or cloud solution. Our Managed Hosting Services are delivered from the XcellHost Data Centre offering the security, environment and network redundancy customer's demand. Our Managed Hosting Services are supported and maintained by highly qualified IT Specialists and backed by leading Service Level Agreements.

  • Managed Servers
  • Big Storage
  • Fast Network
  • High Security
  • Database
  • OS Administration
  • OS Backups
  • Load Balancing
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Expert Support
  • Virtualization
  • Customized Solution

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100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that we will meet and exceed your expectations, we offer a 7 days 100% Money Back Guarantee on all servers!

  • Support Team

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    Response Time: 1 hour
  • ABC Name
    Lead Consultant Support

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    Response Time: 2 hours
  • XYZ Name
    Team Lead DC Support

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    CRM Manager

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    Response Time: 10Min
Managed Service Packages
Service Deliverables XcellManaged
Silver Plan
Gold Plan
Platinum Plan
Ultimate Plan
Elite Plan

Basic Server Activities

Basic 24 x 7 Server Uptime Monitoring
Unlimited Reboot Requests

Managed SysAdmin Activities

Restarting Services OR Applications OR Processes
Identifying CPU Load | Memory Utlilisation | Disk Space Utilisation
Operating System Administration [Patch Management, Anti-Virus Management]
DNS Server Management. [Creating DNS Zones, DNS Zone management]
Web Server Management [adding domains, password protection, web server configuration]
FTP Server Management [creating users, restricting access, setting up new users]
Mail Server Management [adding/deleting users, mail forwards, auto-responders]
Hardware Management [disk partitioning & disk RAID management]
Log Management & Archiving

Managed Database Administration Activities

Review current database implementation
Set Performance Expectations
Identify Standard Operating Procedures
Select optimum database hardware & software mix
Establish a database growth & backup plan
Provide a backup & disaster recovery plan
Agree on a Migration Plan
Develop Custom Monitoring Plan
Set Up Alerting Thresholds for Memory Usage, CPU Utilization, Disk I/O Perfomanance
Document Change Control Procedures
On-Demand Detailed Performance Reports
Database Current Activity & Backup History
Database Missing Indexes
Database Schema Changes
Database Security Audits

Managed Backup Activities

Backup Management [Creating Backup Set, Installing Backup Agent depending on application]
Creating Backup Plan [Frequency of Backup, What to Backup, Restoration Plan]
Backup Plan Review [Speed of Backup & Restoration, Mock Restore, Backup Integrity Checks]
Assess & Define Comprehensive Backup & Recovery Plan
Integrate Backup Plan into Overall Managed Hosting Plan
Minimize impact of backup activities
Segregate Backup Activity on a Separate Backup Network
Define Backup Retention Periods & Encryption Standards
Design Optional Application Specific Backup Strategies
Complete Backup System Verification
Verify completion of each backup session
Provide Optional Test Recovery Strategies
Schedule Regular Backup during off peak hours
Aggregate Backup Usage
Determine Impending Backup Limit Alerts
Evaluate Backup Usage Trends
Apply Scalability foresight to anticipate backup capacity needs

Managed Security Activities

Develop Security Profile
Integrate Security Consideration into overall managed hosting plan
Identify security & compliance issues
Server Hardening
Firewall Selection
Set Anti-Virus Parameters
Define OS & Application Patching Schedules
Perform Monthly Systems Patching
Full-System Virus Scanning
Monitoring Real time for DDoS
Track successfully applied software patches
Highlight any alerts from virus scan & vulnerability scans
Firewall Health Status Reports
Vulnerablity Assesment & Scanning Services
Security Policy Creation
Security Policy Review
Incident Co-rellation & Analysis
Forensic Analysis
Information Security Management
Compliance Monitoring
IT Risk Assesment

Managed Monitoring Services

Identify components & key attributes to monitor
Develop run-book processes customzed to your business
Integrate Monitoring into overall managed hosting plan
Identify relationships of monitored systems
Define component to monitor
Define monitoring thresholds
Identify custom logs to monitor
Develop customised remediation plans
Perform critical services monitoring
Complete system availability monitoring
Monitor full range of system performance indicators
Monitor key event log alerts & custom log files
Aggregate Bandwidth Reports
Analyze Performance Trends Reports
Monitored Alearts Reports
Apply Scalability foresight to anticipate growth needs

Managed Storage Services

Assess & Define a comprehensive disk & storage plan
Integrate Storage Plan into overall managed hosting plan
Define your current storage needs
Provide options for high-availability storage [iSCSI, Fiber Channel Storage etc]
Anticipate storage growth requirements
Complete storage systems verifications
Anticipate capacity demands
Monitor Snapshots & Data Replication
Aggregate Storage Utilisation Reports
Conduct regular storage review sessions
Apply scalability foresight to anticipate storage capacity needs

Planning | Reporting | Review Process

Implmentation Plan
Data Protection & Recovery Plan
Support & Escalation Plan
Published Maintenance Calendar
Operational Maintenance Plan
Change Control Reports
Performance & Scalability Review
Security & Compliance Review
Customer Satisfaction Review
Configuration & Change Management
Performance Monitoring
Fault Management
Reporting & Escalation
Third Party Application Support
Application Management [Dev|Test|Prod Setup, Emergency Bug Fixes, Release Mgmt Activities]
Monthly Price (per server) ₹2499/mo ₹4999/mo ₹7499/mo ₹9999/mo ₹14999/mo

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