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Malicious individuals threaten the integrity of networks on a daily basis. They attack Internet connectivity, probe for vulnerable network entry points, attempt to deface web sites, try to launch denial-of-service attacks and much more.

With a managed IDS/IPS service, you have someone to analyze your network traffic in real-time, allowing you to more effectively protect the security of your systems and applications. Your IDS/IPS creates a strong and effective defense against malicious activity through the combination of behavior-based analysis (i.e., analyzing traffic patterns) and a set of signatures of known attack patterns.

The IDS/IPS service blocks malicious attacks that could have otherwise resulted in a breach. The events generated by the IDS/IPS service are monitored by professional analysts 24/7 and are correlated against millions of other events generated across an expansive customer base. Additional benefits of a managed IDS/IPS service are that your organization will only be alerted in the case of a likely incident, and we work with you to help set up a prioritized list of notification methods for appropriate escalation procedures based on the type of incident.

Managed IDS/IPS Service features include

IDS/IPS Management Service clients have access to Information Security Analysts in the Solutionary Security Operations Center (SOC), the ActiveGuard® Portal and a dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM). Each IDS/IPS Management Service client is also assigned a dedicated Managed Device Engineer to be the expert on the client's environment.

  • 24/7 Log Monitoring and real-time threat detection
  • Signature validation and configuration review
  • Expert tuning and management
  • Custom signature development
  • Device upgrades and patch management
  • Incident tracking and correlation
  • Identity and context-aware alerting
  • On-demand device, security and compliance reporting
  • Dedicated Service Delivery Manager
  • Dedicated Managed Device Engineer

Technology Features

Security On-Demand will provide the best IPS or IDS technology available in the marketplace, however these factors are also influenced by existing technology investments, network topology, goals of the infosec team, governance requirements (compliance), and the location of applications and sensitive data assets.

  • Performance
    Speed ensures business continuity and meeting SLAs. Our IPS solution has the lowest latency, highest connections per second and most stable hardware architecture
  • Accuracy
    Accuracy is key to in-line deployment. In-line blocking doesn't block legitimate traffic
  • Time to Market of Signatures
    Our security research team and ZDI (Zero Day Initiative) result in Digital Vaccine filters being issued days to months ahead of exploits and with more accurate, comprehensive coverage
  • Real-Tim Attack Blocking
    By blocking attacks and testing security patches before deployment, system uptime is ensured
  • Eliminate Emergency Patching
    Dynamic signature updates alleviate the need for ad-hoc and emergency patching
  • Zero Day Protection
    Automatic updates of new filters combined with anomaly detection and vulnerability-based filters provide advance protection from unknown attacks

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