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When it comes to protecting your network at the perimeter, professional configuration is the secret to success. With our fully managed firewall services, you can be certain that your network is defended by a properly configured firewall. Managed firewall services include the implementation of firewall rules, routine updates to rules as common threats change, and auditing to maintain the highest standards of security.

Modern enterprises are more connected than ever. The Internet has empowered organizations to take advantage of new opportunities, take on a multinational presence, and maximize revenue. At the same time, a more connected enterprise means more corporate risk. Your infrastructure and data face endless threats, which are your responsibility to mitigate. In addition, you have a responsibility to keep consumer data safe—or face the significant financial and reputational consequences.

Most enterprises take network and data security seriously. For those that do not, industries and government bodies have implemented strict regulations to make protecting data an obligation, not a choice. Security is an incredibly important consideration for any organization, but can be complex and time-consuming to manage.

  • The threats are numerous and serious, including Viruses, Worms, Adware, Spyware, Trojans, P2P, hackers, competitors and disgruntled employees.
  • These threats are moving targets and most companies and organizations simply do not have the time or expertise to effectively deal with them.

Managed Firewall Services features

  • Simplified, flexible pricing model
    Prices are based on the activities you select and do not vary with bandwidth and technology upgrades
  • Best-of-breed platform support
    XcellHost delivers return on investment and improved security posture by supporting industry-leading platforms including Check Point, Cisco and Juniper
  • Service tailored to your needs
    Get customized planning, design and configuration of your firewall devices
  • 24/7 expert management and monitoring
    Ensure business continuity by preventing unauthorized access, keeping your network constantly available
  • Standard and customizable reporting
    Manage threats and compliance requirements with customizable reporting available by device, group or site
  • SAS-70 certified security operations
    Meet the highest industry standards of infrastructure maintenance
  • Real-time service views
    Our Security Portal helps ensure real-time, on-demand access to the latest service information and expertise
  • Continuous upgrades and updates
    Receive ongoing maintenance, including system patches, upgrades and security updates

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