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The Managed Antivirus service provides the ability for technical support groups on campus to manage and monitor Anti-Virus clients installed on the Windows and Mac systems in their areas.

XcellHost provides a Manage Console that support personnel can use to adjust protection policies, initiate scans, and clean up items in quarantine.

  • Centrally supported infrastructure enables local management of antivirus software.
  • Access control ensures that console managers only have access to their own groups.
  • Antivirus protection can be kept active and properly configured.
  • Virus definitions and client versions can be kept up-to-date.
  • Protection against viruses, spyware and adware, rootkits and suspicious files and behavior is provided.
  • Support personnel can clean up quarantined files and schedule scans.

Secure, powerful antivirus solution for all business models

A hosted stand-alone product, or part of the RemoteManagement portfolio, XcellHost Managed Antivirus is the easy-to-deploy virus protection solution for MSPs and IT Support companies. Ideal for helping migrate customers to managed services, this comprehensive antivirus tool will help you make money and demonstrate your true value.

  • Highly effective virus protection
  • Build revenues, reduce overheads
  • Easy-to-implement service
  • Free malware removal service!

Features of GFI MAX Managed Antivirus


  • Deploy and configure AV software to all or some customers' servers and workstations and monitor AV status.
  • Apply multiple AV/Malware configuration policies.



  • Receive alerts in GFI MAX Remote Management when a virus is detected.
  • Reduce your workload - remedial action to viruses/threats - automated or manual.
  • Demonstrate your service - own branded customer reports show you're on top of security.
  • Simple and clean user interface - no training required.

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