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Log management has long been an IT best practice, but recently has become more complex to manage. As infrastructure moves to the cloud, log sources are becoming more numerous and varied. And compliance mandates are adding new log management deliverables. Meanwhile, strategic projects compete for limited IT resources.

Event and log data provide invaluable insight into the security of your infrastructure—but the sheer volume of data generated by your systems can be overwhelming to gather and manage. IBM's security event and log management services ease this process by monitoring your IT systems, collecting log information, and correlating that data into a unified, seamless view of security events occurring across your organization.

Our cloud-based service offers a simplified way to gather event and log data and aggregate, analyze, correlate, store, and report on that data for enhanced security and simplified compliance.

XcellHost offers a cost-effective, cloud-powered solution that provides automated log collection, storage, reporting, and correlation capabilities across your IT infrastructure. Data is collected, standardized, and viewed in a Web console with automatic alerts sent directly to an email inbox or mobile device as actionable incidents occur.

The Log Management service provides the following:

  • Initial consultation to understand operating environment, requirements and objectives
  • Splunk software agent to deploy as needed based on local architecture requirements
  • Unique log repository
  • Access to the web console for log access and out-of-the-box reporting
  • Basic log monitoring content available
  • Technical support during business hours

Log Management Features

  • Around-the-clock monitoring
    Track events and logs from firewalls, routers, application servers, VPNs, and security devices to identify and respond to incidents when they occur
  • Correlated data
    Collect security information into a single interface for analysis and reporting
  • Streamlined compliance
    Use security event analysis data to create actionable reports for compliance and audit investigations
  • Simplified pricing model
    Pay based on the activities you select regardless of bandwidth and technology upgrades

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