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As we all know, even a seemingly small security breach can lead to costly consequences. Companies who experience breaches often suffer intellectual property loss, customer and revenue attrition, and reputation damage that can be incredibly difficult — or even impossible — to recover from. The truth is that nost security breaches are opportunistic and could easily be prevented.

The XcellHost Advanced Solutions security assessment service offers complete and verified analysis of the entire IT environment to prepare for unforeseen threats – without unnecessary investment in hardware or software.

A comprehensive and hassle-free way to secure your servers against malicious traffic. An XcellHost expert will help you choose the right firewall, and then configure, deploy and manage your firewall according to your requirements.

  • Testing
    The thorough analysis of infrastructure to pinpoint any possible pockets of vulnerability
  • Review
    The analysis of all current security process and procedure documentation and assessment of internal controls as well as adherence by staff, vendors and contractors
  • Collaboration
    The close partnership with internal teams and other stakeholders to prioritize and address identified issues

Managed Security

  • Managed Secured Operations
    It is vital to have a consistent security policy across your business. But holistically managing a security policy can be difficult for small to midsize companies without a large IT staff. It can also be difficult for a service provider who.
  • Network Management & Monitoring
    XcellHost manages and monitors your on-premises network devices to provide routine maintenance, security patches and resolve network issues, so your IT team stays focused on business building IT projects.
  • Server Management & Monitoring
    XcellHost manages and monitors your on-premises servers to provide routine maintenance and resolve associated server issues, so your IT team stays focused on business building IT projects.
  • Hoted Network Security
    XcellHost's suite of network security elements protect your MPLS network and safeguards against threats ranging from unauthorized network access and inappropriate web content to infected files and malware.
  • Data Center Firewall
    Protect your virtual IT environment against a full range of threats and unauthorized network access.
  • Managed Premises Firewall
    If your company is connected to the Internet, it is crucial to have a solid defense in place. Protect vital information such as customer records and other proprietary information.
  • Firewall Migration
    Your firewall is the first line of defense to protect your business from the risks that threaten your company's data, computers, servers and employees. It starts with a properly configured firewall.
  • Email Encryption
    Email Encryption can help your business mitigate risk, prevent data loss and increase your data security.
  • Email Archiving
    Email Archive enables you to preserve and search emails to meet regulatory compliance. Government and industry regulations may require an organization to store and reproduce emails for up to seven years.
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery
    An affordable cloud based server that replicates your primary server environment and can be quickly scaled to fully replace your primary servers to get your business back up and running.
  • Cloud Server Backup
    Protect your business's mission critical information assets. Cloud Server Backup ensures that regardless of what Mother Nature throws at your data center facility, your data remains intact and recoverable.
  • Vulnerability Assessment
    Information Security is about managing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of an organization's critical information by providing controls and safeguards, and managing risk from possible threats.
  • Unified Endpoint Security
    Our investment in industry-certified professionals, best-in-class tools, and the latest technology enables us to deliver a service with security features woven throughout every aspect of our offering.
  • Mobile Device Management
    By leveraging a single Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform, your IT team gains the ability to support a diverse fleet of devices—and easily and securely implement a flexible BYOD strategy.
  • Secure Remote Access
    Gain the same network control and security for employees on the move as you have with internal users. Secure access over any Internet connection, anywhere in the world.
  • PCI Compliance
    The PCI Compliance Validation Service helps small, medium and large retail businesses in meeting its PCI compliance requirements.

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