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Managed colocation services allow you to focus on running your business, while knowing that a team of professionals is managing your servers or IT environment. Offered a la carte or all together as a managed colocation solution, our managed services compliment the strengths of your internal staff. By offering managed colocation as an "unbundled" package, you can turn over as much, or as little, of your business's IT responsibility to our experienced staff, and take advantage of our IT resources.

Our managed colocation services team can help your business with infrastructure management including monitoring, OS management, (BSD, RedHat Linux and Microsoft Windows system expertise), network infrastructure management, and warranty support and coordination. Additionally, our managed security services help you detect and fix possible weaknesses in your network. When you combine our suite of managed services, our colocation data centers, and our remote hands support team, you get a custom built colocation solution that utilizes.

XcellHost's colocation facilities offer tier one connections via a range of network options, with free cross connect, and usage alerts. Our open and secure approach is also reflected in your access - 24/7/365 with biometric security.

  • Space & SecurityYour equipment is housed safely and securely with Contegix, returning valuable space back to your business.
  • Peace of MindYou'll have reliable power and fast connection speed without having to worry about building your own infrastructure.
  • FreedomBecause your hardware and data is housed off-site, your IT staff can focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Cost SavingsWhile you can own the hardware, you're not responsible for creating your own data center.
  • Choice & ControlYou can have access control along with the choice of network and partial half or full cabinets.
  • AccessibilityWhen it's your equipment, you can access it at our facility at anytime.


XcellHost offers a full range of additional services to help any size enterprise manage their technology. Our managed services are available on any colocation configuration to easily add backups, monitoring, and other cloud services as needed. Save on technology management costs, avoid capital expenditures, and reduce the burden on IT staff. Focus on strategic business instead of rack space and infrastructure.

  • Multi-homed Internet from diverse providers
  • Advanced cross connect options
  • No automatic overage charges or hidden fees
  • Dedicated account representative
  • Colocation available in single rack units
  • Network monitoring, resiliency, capacity and speed
  • Cooling, power and redundancy
  • Building and colocation cabinet security protocols
  • Environment scaling and space planning
  • 24/7 secure access

Managed Colocation Includes

  • Affordable and Advanced Infrastructure Technology
    Together, our Colocation facilities, 10Gbps FastFiber Network, datacenter engineers, network engineers and in-house 24x7x365 Network Operations Center can help your IT department realise tangible and considerable savings in budget, time and resources.
  • Eleven Geographically Diverse Colocation Datacenters
    Fully owned and managed by XcellHost Hosting, our global infrastructure ensures the highest levels of professionalism, responsiveness and convenience for your business.
  • Redundancies on Top of Redundancies
    Multiple redundancies in security, power, cooling and networking mitigate the impact of natural or man-made disasters that could impact the infrastructure behind your environment.
  • Innovation Without the Price Tag
    Your business does not have to invest in technological advances in your in-house hosting facilities and infrastructure to remain competitive. Instead, that money can be allocated to revenue-driving activities.
  • Flexibility to Grow Without Constraints
    Quarter cabinets, half cabinets, full cabinets, pods and customisable cages — however large or complex your environment is now, or will be in future – we can accommodate you. And your business doesn't have to pay for in-house datacenter upgrades and expansion.
  • High Availability Colocation
    High availability power eliminates any single point of failure from the uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) to your servers with backup electrical circuits to your rack.

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