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Managed Azure Service Bus

Runs anywhere, connects nearly anything

Azure Service Bus is a generic, cloud-based messaging system for connecting just about anything—applications, services and devices—wherever they are. Connect apps running on Azure, on-premises—or both. You can even use Service Bus to connect household appliances, sensors and other devices like tablets or phones to a central application or to each other.

Build robust cloud solutions that scale to meet demand

Asynchronous messaging patterns are the architectural cornerstone of reliable and scalable applications. Integrating cloud resources like SQL Azure, Azure Storage and Azure Websites with Service Bus messaging ensures smooth operation under heavy and variable load with the durability to survive intermittent failures.

Manage message delivery in the cloud

Queues offer simple first in, first out guaranteed message delivery and supports a range of standard protocols (REST, AMQP, WS*) and APIs. Topics deliver messages to multiple subscriptions and fan out message delivery at scale to downstream systems.

Connect on-premises applications to the cloud

Service Bus Relay solves the challenges of communicating between on-premises applications and the outside world by allowing on-premises web services to project public endpoints. Systems can then access these web services, which continue to run on-premises from anywhere on the planet.

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