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Managed Azure Notification Hubs

Broadcast to millions of devices in minutes

Notification Hubs is a massively scalable mobile push notification engine for quickly sending millions of messages to iOS, Android, Windows, or Kindle devices. Tailor notifications to specific users-or entire audiences-with just a few lines of code, and do it across any platform.

Works with any backend

Notification Hubs is flexible enough to plug into any backend-.NET, PHP, Java, Node-whether it's located on-premises or in the Azure cloud. This makes it easier to instantly update your mobile apps and engage users on their terms.

Target any audience with dynamic tags

Broadcast notifications to everyone at once-or target specific recipients using the Notification Hubs tagging feature. Tags let you target audiences based on activity, interest, location, or preference-so you are delivering the right content to the right person at the right time.

Localization made easier with templates

If your app targets multiple markets, the templates feature of Notification Hubs provide a handy way to send localized push notifications so you are speaking to customers in their language. Templates also eliminates the hassle of storing the localization settings for each customer or creating hundreds of tags.

Designed for massive scale

Quickly scale to millions of devices and billions of notifications without re-architecting or sharding. Notification Hub automatically handles the infrastructure necessary to scale your message to every active device with incredibly low latency.

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