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Better performance for your apps and services

Speed matters. The Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) is designed to send audio, video, applications, images and other files faster and more reliably to customers using servers that are closest to each user. This dramatically increases speed and availability, resulting in significant user experience improvements.

Designed for today's web

Azure CDN was specifically designed for the dynamic, media-centric web of today—and its users who expect everything to be fast, high quality and always-on. Built on a modern network topology of large centralised nodes, Azure CDN is backed by massive storage and compute capacity within an agile cloud infrastructure.

Robust security

Azure CDN is built on a highly-scalable, reverse-proxy architecture with sophisticated DDoS identification and mitigation technologies to protect you, your partners and your users. We help keep you up and running by identifying, absorbing and blocking security threats.

When the world's watching, Azure CDN delivers

Thanks to its distributed global scale, Azure CDN was built to handle sudden traffic spikes and heavy loads, like the start of a major product launch or global sporting event, without new infrastructure costs or capacity worries. Active redundancy and failover support throughout the CDN network help assure reliability.

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