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API Management

Accelerate API Adoption

A first-class developer experience is key to attracting and retaining developers to your platform. Easily expose a developer portal for your APIs that provides documentation and test experiences and minimise the time to first successful API call.

Modernise your APIs in a flash

Take existing backends and project a mobile-friendly, modern RESTful URL structure. Transform XML to JSON on the fly. All without costly modification work involving engineering teams and months of waiting.

Secure and protect your APIs

Protect your mission critical systems with authentication, rate limiting and quotas. Connect to backends in their native authentication protocol and unify at the front-end. Use caching to ease load under pressure.

Convert analytics & reporting into results

Understand how developers are using APIs and act on those insights to deliver increased value. Identify the trends which are most impactful to your business. Visualise API performance, error rates and adoption in near real-time.

Increase API discoverability and usability

Most organisations now have thousands of APIs and cross-team collaboration is hampered by fragmented experiences, poor documentation and limited discoverability. Deploy Azure API Management to create a unified façade and API catalogue to increase business agility.

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