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Managed AWS Monitoring

XcellHost Managed Services for AWS (Amazon Web Services) delivers 24 x 7 monitoring, maintenance and management services by experienced administrators who are experts in cloud computing. As an official Amazon reseller and AWS Managed Services Provider, XcellHost provides the needed support where AWS Support leaves off. XcellHost provides expert knowledge managing Amazon Web Services, expert technical support, pay-as-you-go managed services fees and improved ROI on your cloud investments. With XcellHost's Managed AWS Services you can rest assured knowing that your cloud infrastructure is fully managed and optimized for your business.

With XcellHost's Managed AWS, you can now purchase and implement 100% secure, highly available AWS environments, backed by XcellHost's superior Jerk Free 24 / 7 managed services and support.

Benefits of AWS

  • No Upfront Investment: Replace upfront infrastructure investment with low monthly costs
  • Low Ongoing Cost: Reduce your overall IT costs
  • Flexible Capacity: Eliminate guessing on your infrastructure capacity needs
  • Speed & Agility: Develop and deploy applications faster
  • Apps Not Ops: Focus on projects that differentiate your business, not the infrastructure
  • Global Reach: Take your apps global in minutes

Extensive Managed Monitoring

  • •  24/7 Live US-Based Tech Support
  • •  24/7 Custom Application Monitoring
  • •  Custom Maintenance Windows
  • •  Managed O/S Updates & Security Patching
  • •  Managed Virus Scanning
  • •  Vulnerability Scanning
  • •  24/7 AWS Monitoring & Support
  • •  Custom Restarts & Escalation Procedures
  • •  Managed Data Backups & Restores
  • •  Firewall, VPN & DNS Management
  • •  Tripwire Integrity Monitoring
  • •  Log & Event Monitoring & Much More!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cost & Performance Optimization

XcellHost delivers sophisticated, proprietary tools to manage and optimize our customers' AWS implementations. Our tools will identify properly, over, and underutilized resources to highlight areas of inefficiency and waste. Critical data is organized by utilization level, size, region, and purchasing type so that our customers have actionable information to balance performance and availability with their optimal spend.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Best Practices

XcellHost's AWS engineering teams compile and update hundreds of best practices for AWS configurations that affect security, cost, and availability. XcellHost will assess on an ongoing basis the latest state of your deployment against up-to-date best practices, and alert you of any exceptions that we find.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Resource Control

XcellHost will have comprehensive and up-to-date visibility into your deployment, including complete and accurate inventories of your services, resources, configurations and policies. We implement continuous change monitoring to stay informed on the latest state of your AWS account, and we receive alerts when there are significant changes to your deployment to ensure they are accurate and appropriate.

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