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XcellHost - Managed Hybrid Hosting

Hybrid hosting, a computing approach that combines components of dedicated hosting and cloud hosting in a single solution, allows businesses to switch seamlessly between dedicated hosted environments and cloud services, or use both simultaneously, as needed. In particular, hybrid cloud solutions recognize that a business will have different sets of requirements for different types of computing needs as well as requirements associated with specific types of applications.

  • Scalable Web Applications with Dedicated Back-End Database
  • Failover Application Clustering for Linux & Windows
  • Big Data Applications
  • I/O Resource Intensive Applications
  • Database Clustering with Shared Storage
  • Disaster Recovery Solution between Different Data Centers

Why XcellHost Hybrid Hosting
On-Demand Hybrid Cloud Use Cases

On-Demand Scalability for Usage Spikes
Ultimate IT Architecture & Performance
Customizable Network Performance
Dedicated Servers, Smart Servers, Cloud Servers & Networking Devices Connected with Ease
Pay Only For Connection Speeds You Need

Hybrid Hosting Features And Options

  • Dedicated Hardware
    Your dedicated infrastructure consists of your choice of our engineered Intel dedicated servers, hosted in our Canadian data centers, and delivered on our fully redundant network. Costs are fixed and recurring, with unmetered bandwidth - great for high-traffic applications.
  • Virtualization
    You can choose to use virtualization on your dedicated hardware in order to create a private cloud environment. Choose from the most popular Hypervisors to create a layer of virtualization on top of your dedicated architecture, pooling resources and allocating them between services in your virtual data center.
  • Public Cloud Services
    The XcellHost Public Cloud provides additional scalability and elasticity to your hybrid hosting solution, with a variable cost model where you only pay for the servers, storage and bandwidth that you use. Dynamic scaling plus the pay-as-you-use model make the public cloud more cost effective for services with variable or low workloads
  • Managed services
    Hosting with XcellHost is not only about technology. We're committed to helping your organization achieve its goals and ambitions by treating you as an individual, with custom solutions, specialist expertise and a range of services tailored to your requirements.

Fuse the best of all worlds

Link up dedicated and public cloud infrastructures in a hybrid hosting solution. Host your services across the dedicated, private cloud and public cloud components, according to the best match for each service's performance profile and traffic patterns.

  • High performance, high availability servers
  • No-cost operating system licenses for Microsoft users
  • Automatic server recovery/failover
  • On-demand scalability of Windows & Linux servers
  • Enterprise functionality to meet the demands of any business size
  • Rapid provisioning of Cloud Servers in minutes
  • Hyper-V virtualization support for both Windows and Linux

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