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A great benefit of being in the cloud is a reduction of capital expenditure. If you're a startup, your life is going to be a lot easier and cheaper if you don't have to outlay hundreds of thousands of rands on the servers and networking you will need to operate your business.

For a pay as you go fee, you can have a lot of machines spun up and available at almost a moment's notice. Plus, since resources in the cloud are elastic, you can scale up (or down) as needed with very little pain.

  • On-demand Scalability

    Turn services on/off on the fly to scale up or down the amount of computing power you need, at when your business needs it.

  • Ease-of-use

    Full control via the XcellHost Portal provides streamlined and simplified management of your server and a direct connection to all of the tools.

  • Fully Dedicated Resources

    XcellHost Cloud virtual private servers are fully dedicated, giving resources you need for greater performance, and reliability.

  • High Speed Deployment

    From conception to execution, your Cloud is ready to use in under five minutes. Stop twiddling your thumbs and start developing.

  • Full Control
    Manage your servers from our simple to use online control panel. Start, stop, restart, delete your servers in Seconds. Manage your server from any location.
  • Pay Per Hour
    We are the leading providers in India who offers pay per use billing of Cloud resources on demand. Pay for what you use, nothing else.
  • Future Proof Scalability
    Whatever your business a Cloud Server will always have the resources you need on hand. Whether seasonal traffic demands or business expansion you will be covered.
  • Fully Controllable Resources
    You can control your cloud computing resources as your business demands, so if you need more RAM or Disk Space, just login to your control panel and adjust as needed.
  • Managed Server Options
    We offer a complete managed server package to give you complete peace of mind. This means we look after your Cloud Server and you can look after your business.
  • 24x7 Dedicated Support
    If you need advice or assistance setting up your Cloud Server then contact our friendly technical support team who will be happy to help.

Inside XcellHost Cloud Servers

  • Anycast DNS
    Cloud Servers gives you access to our fully redundant global Anycast DNS service, free of charge. Our Anycast DNS service is hosted at datacenters around the world.
  • Content Delivery Network
    Scale your website to over 140+ locations world-wide. It's easy to accelerate websites, apps, video and other content right from your cloud control panel.
  • Your choice of OS
    Cloud Servers includes a huge library of virtual machine templates, ready to run with multiple x86 and x64 flavors of Linux, Windows and Unix.
  • Failover & HA
    Cloud Servers features enterprise-class resilience, with multi-layered security, a self-healing architecture and automatic hypervisor failover.
  • Windows Hypervisor Servers
    Windows Hypervisor Servers are probably the most popular hypervisor platform in public cloud services today.
  • Security
    Cloud Servers has three layers of firewall protection including firewalls on the network, hypervisors and firewalls on individual virtual machines.

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