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XcellHost Cloud Servers
Fast and scalable public cloud servers with the performace stability of dedicated hosting

Fast & Flexible Cloud Hosting   Rock Solid Performance   Quick & Easy Server Control
Deploy and sscale your self-service cloud server in minutes, and enjoy 2x faster disk speeds than other public cloud hosting   Burstable IOPS disk speed responds to your application's workload, ensuring rock solid and consistent server performance.   Quickly deploy, access, scale and clone your servers in the XcellHost Control Center. Scale RAM and Storage indipendently.
•  High CPU/RAM & Fast SSD Storage
•  Deploy and scale VMs in minutes
•  Dedicated 100Mbps bandwidth
  •  Fast SolidFire SSD Storage as standard
•  Secure data wih redundant copies
•  Burstable IOPS for workload spikes
  •  Root access via SSH and console
•  Independently scalable RAM & Storage
•  Server clone and volume snapshot

Cloud Server Features

Control Panel

Our Cloud Control Panel gives you total access and control to manage your server enviornment


Instantly deploy new servers and upgrade or downgrade existing ones

Scale On Demand

Scale servers up to 32GB RAM with 250GB of disk instantly, with daily billing

Load Balancing

Load balance traffic between fully inndependent deployment groups for high availability


Configure your own network firewall through our easy to use GUI interface

Server Imaginng

Take full server images and use to recover your server or deploy a clone. Retain images indefinetely

Solutions, support, expertisse...
Whatever you need.

Hosting with XcellHost is not only about having the latest technology. We're committed to helping your organizaion achieve its goals and ambitions by treating you as an individual. with custom solutions, specialist expertise and a range of services tailored to your requirements. We have a wealth of IaaS expertise and a team of over 200 incredible skilled., friendly and passionate staff.


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