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Our VMware Private Cloud gives you the freedom to add dedicated firewalls and load balancers, and upgrade storage capacity and resources such as CPU and RAM, as required. All VMs and data will reside safely on one of LeaseWeb's ultra high-performance storage systems, connected to market-leading hypervisors for end-to-end excellence.

We'll provide the hardware and virtualization layer, as well as a dedicated technical team to monitor it all for you. You'll have peace of mind with even our Basic SLA, but for those that want that little bit more, you'll have upgrade options to choose from too.

Maximize flexibility

It's your cloud, your way. Mix and match bare metal with private cloud in a single environment? You'll receive your dedicated rack with CPU, RAM and also connectivity. You'll also have the option to add firewalls, load balancers, and servers as you need them, or rapidly provision VMs for dynamic horizontal scalability.

Enjoy fully redundant infrastructure with built-in high availability

N+1 redundancy at the ESXi host level and 2N redundancy at the software and storage levels ensure no single point of failure, while the virtualization layer supports active failover for instant disaster recovery. If it detects a failure, the VM restarts on a surviving host without any need for manual intervention.

Robust SAN-NAS integration offers dynamic storage elasticity

Receive access to premium high-end redundant storage solutions to meet your exact requirements, including IBM N-Series and HP 3PAR. All of our storage systems are highly available and completely reliable, while snapshot and template cloning improves the performance of storage allocation and de-allocation.

Powerful management tools provide visibility at every level

Manage your entire virtual infrastructure through one centralized console. It maintains full control of your environment via automated proactive management processes. You can use templates to create VMs in turn-key fashion, view graphs of the resources to realize optimization possibilities, and access VM consoles to track everything from boot.

Isolated environments for enhanced security

Single-tenant environments provide the best levels of security. Each of our private cloud solutions gives you dedicated access to VMs, and VM datastores, with the option to provide additional firewalls. You can provision everything through the management console and run your private cloud like a virtual data center.

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