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The fastest and easiest way to build and manage an OpenStack cloud. The web-based wizard guides you through the configuration, enabling you to build a working cloud on your hardware in minutes, and recommending the best utilisation of your resources.

You'll benefit from access to our completely redundant storage platform, and an extensive set of features, including templating, cloning, virtual networking, and an open API. You can also integrate software-based firewalls and load balancers to increase the security and scalability of your cloud environment. There's no faster or more reliable way to build an enterprise-scale cloud, from provisioning to deployment and management.

No large upfront costs

Usually, building a large cloud environment would require huge CAPEX for equipment, as well as ongoing costs for power and cooling. With our Private Cloud you pay a predictable, fixed monthly price for dedicated blocks of resources. There are no setup fees, so you can deploy to private cloud with very little financial risk.

Get peace of mind with vendor backing

We work with Red Hat and OpenStack to build industry leading, and fully licensed clouds. You'll always be using the most up to date, fully tested software, backed by Red Hat. Even better, you can deploy unlimited fully licensed RHEL instances within your Private Cloud at no extra cost!

Control all the way down to the metal

Our Private Cloud is completely separate from other users down to the physical servers. There are no 'noisy neighbours' for you to worry about here. You get full administrative control of your cloud through a simple control panel, or via the API if you prefer.

Liberate your developers and DevOps teams

It's tough to bring innovation into existing IT systems. With our Private Cloud you can get a cutting edge platform where you can innovate and experiment with cloud computing whilst avoiding the insecurity and unpredictable cost of public cloud.

Scale your cloud up and out

Choosing a private cloud doesn't mean a compromise on flexibility. You can scale up instances whenever you like using your pool of cloud resources. If you run out of space just add more servers to give yourself room to grow.

Supported by cloud experts

When you need support the last thing you want to be faced with is an automated phone line. We value direct communication with our customers; you'll be put in touch with an expert engineer very quickly when contacting us. This high level of support is backed by an SLA that we value as much as you.

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