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Corporate Setup
Organizations sign-up by providing few details and immediately start managing the devices. Organizations register the employees and devices and manage all departments, locations, apps, security policies, compliance rules, users and begin monitoring on easy to use web console. You are able to bulk upload the employees, devices and also build the inventory for corporate devices by uploading a monthly corporate bill.

Device Enrollment
Employees can enroll their devices using the credentials they receive. Once a device has been successfully enrolled, security profiles are installed on the device based on the platform (iOS, Android, Windows), device ownership (Corporate, BYOD or Shared), location and group of the employee. Employees get to manage and review devices through self-served portal.

Security Management
Security can be easily enforced through complex passcode policy, hardware-based encryption, restricting use of siri, camera, browsers, and other apps and functionality. Administrators can configure access to corporate email, wi-fi, VPN and other assets through admin console. Administrators monitor installed profiles, compliance status, installed apps, cellular data, location, connectivity etc. Compromised devices are detected and reported based on the compliance rules set.

Apps Management
Corporate can define recommended and blacklisted apps as well as create their own corporate Apps Catalog and distribute apps with a click of a button. We support distributing volume purchased apps for iOS devices. Compromised devices with blacklisted apps are identified by a monitoring tool. In case of BYOD devices, XcellHost doesn't reveal the list of apps on the personal devices but still reports back if blacklisted apps were found on the devices.

Expense Management & BYOD Transition
XcellHost provides the added values of detailed expense management and a demonstrable path to BYOD strategy. We extend cost savings by analyzing the corporate bills using our custom technology and advising our clients on an appropriate BYOD transition path. XcellHost tracks and reports back the transition and expense shift. After moving to BYOD, employees are able to file their expense through a web or mobile interface.

Administrators have access to dashboard and over 20 different reports and many different filters. Audit logs are available for compliance purposes for all device actions. Employees also have access to their device, expense and device action log reports.

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