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Mobility on Cloud Strategy

Mobility strategy has become a global, a critical and an inevitable need for businesses of all sizes. Whether you procure and distribute corporate mobile devices or allow employees to bring their own devices (BYOD), security, configuration and management of heterogeneous devices becomes a challenge.

The powers of cloud computing combined with the feature-rich freedom of mobile devices delivers a number of key benefits, like device-agnostics applications with improved reliability. We help you achieve the right balance between these two mega trends and build a mobility management solution that encompasses not just device management, but end-to-end enterprise mobility components

Key Features

  • Security and Compliance
    Over-the-air configuration of security policies and restrictions, tracking of compliance status, installed apps, cellular data, location, connectivity and taking appropriate actions including remote wipe.
  • Mobile Device Management
    Organizations sign-up and through guided setup immediately start managing the devices. Administrators manage all the departments, locations, users and devices, security policies and cost centers on easy to use web console.
  • Mobile Apps Management
    You can define recommended and restricted apps as well as create your own corporate App store and distribute apps with a click of a button. Apps can be filtered by groups, location, operating system and type of the device.
  • Mobile Email Management
    Most common use of the smart phones is to access emails while on-the-go. Increase productivity by making emails available on the phones. Configuring email access and related restrictions remotely via web console.
  • Expense Management
    Upload monthly corporate bill in PDF format and generate actionable business intelligence reports. Assign cost centers to the devices and report against them. BYOD users can file their expenses through a web or mobile.
  • BYOD Transition
    Everyone talks about BYOD, we tell you how to get there! We provide you with a demonstrable path to BYOD strategy and significant cost savings. Track and report the transition and expense shift.

Empower Enterprises and Employees
Mobile devices are obvious productivity tools and enterprises need a secure solution that employees trust and embrace. We bring security to enterprises and privacy to employees. As the number and types of mobile devices used by your employees grows.

XcellHost has multi-tenant and internationalized architecture that allows you configure various departments and locations of your organization and to manage role and location based security and over the air (OTA) enrollment of devices, compliance management and distribution of Apps.

Subscription and Licensing
XcellHost is a highly flexible, cloud-based enterprise device management solution designed to grow as your business grows. Our subscription-based pricing is based on the number of company mobile users. We believe organizations have the agility to increase service levels as company needs.

Privacy Protection
XcellHost's service is delivered under a Third Party Trusted Seal that controls corporates access to individual's privacy specifically in the BYOD situation. Employees are informed of the access level corporate gains as well as can view actions performed on their devices.

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