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These are times when you have realized the cost of not implementing a DR solution for your organization. But traditional Disaster Recovery with its complex physical requirements and enormous CAPEX costs (due to application dependencies) is the one standing barricade towards securing your organization's future.


  • The XcellHost team uses innovative techniques to automate laborious tasks such as keeping your PR and DR in sync, monitoring the replication, doing DR drills and mock tests.
  • Reduction in complexity - since your setting DR on Cloud is fairly easy as compared to setting it up on physical infra.
  • Further reduced cost in OPEX as you can keep your DR VMs in off state when they are not replicating.
  • Huge Cost reductions in CAPEX and OPEX. You don't pay for manpower, license, power/space cost, replication BW cost.
  • Share data among people and websites with a centralized storage solution. No replication or duplication, saving time and resources while reducing risk.
  • Our security specialist can recommend and manage your secure environment using Cisco firewalls, R1soft data backup and our own expertise.
  • Your DR environment is already virtualized
  • Cost constraints are getting in the way of implementing an adequate DR solution
  • You are not operating in a highly regulated industry environment (e.g. Banking)
  • If you are operating in the context of media, new internet businesses, or even manufacturing
  • You are already subscribed to our cloud solutions

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