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The cloud desktop or online desktop takes all the apps you need to operate your business and transitions them into hosted apps in data centres, meaning they can be accessed ‘online’ from anywhere as they are not tied to a specific computer or local on-premise network. This means users can access their hosted apps and company data over the internet via a secure connection to their cloud desktop.

XcellHost Cloud Desktop delivers all your business applications in the cloud. Your whole IT infrastructure could be as simple as arming your team with tablets, smart phones or laptops and an internet connection. Businesses use Cloud Desktop as a secure online service and don't need to worry about installing software and buying servers ever again.

Cloud Desktop removes the need for servers and hardware on site, replaced with XcellHost's extensive network of server farms at global data centres. These data centres are physically secure controlled environments designed to provide resilient power and connectivity to all that is hosted within them.

It is in these highly secure facilities where all the processing is done, allowing you to access your Cloud Desktop from anywhere on almost any device, even on a smart phone. You move, your data doesn’t - and as your data stays within the data centre environment it’s more secure, so if you lose your laptop your data is still safe in XcellHost's data centres.

XcellHost continues to innovate to leverage new technologies. Combining the best technologies from Microsoft, EMC and Citrix, XcellHost Cloud Desktop delivers a world class platform.

XcellHost Cloud Desktop utilises the fundamentals of the technology and makes it available to the SME and mid-market for a fraction of the price of an 'enterprise grade' solution and without any loss of quality.

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