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A content delivery network (CDN) facilitates globally load balanced distribution of your website videos, Flash movies, images, and applications to ensure every visitor gets the content as fast as possible. Large and small multimedia files each have unique hosting requirements, so FireHost built profiles for each type of file on fast servers in data centers around the world to allow your website visitors to pull content from the POP (Point of Presence) closest to their location.

Our global content delivery network (CDN) takes the pressure off of your infrastructure. Once the domain of big brands and big budgets, now anyone can gain the advantage. Designed specifically to accelerate today's cutting edge websites and web applications, Yottaa CDN delivers your content from the server in its hybrid cloud network that's closest to your visitor's location. So not only is the load on your infrastructure reduced, but your visitor's experience is dramatically enhanced.

Data where you want it. When you need it

XcellHost global edge locations allow for a fast, low-latency connection to ensure that content is delivered with the best possible performance. Automatic Edge Routing automatically routes data to the end-user's closest location, reducing the traffic and load on the client's web infrastructure and increasing the speed of data transmission.

  • Enterprise Class Support, 24x7x365
  • Full Monitoring and Escalation Procedures
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Automatic Elastic Performance Tuning
  • Simplified and Predictable Pricing
  • Full Integration with Existing Datapipe Solutions
  • File Management
  • Content caching and edge delivery
    Accelerate page load times and reduce load on your infrastructure by serving content from Yottaa's network of 20+ globally-distributed data centers
  • Integration with any CDN
    Integrate seamlessly with your current configuration. Extend or replace Yottaa's CDN with another content delivery network, based on your infrastructure and market requirements, in seconds
  • IP anycast routing
    Reduce network latency by redirecting requests and serving content from the closest geographic server

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