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Using the CDN is essential for anyone deploying or managing websites and web applications around the world. If specific international targets are important for you or your clients, CDN can provide better SEO, accelerate site loading time (response time), improve comfort for your users, securing your applications, and reduce your bandwidth costs. in each of your target countries. ROI can speed up quickly - as soon as you or your clients start distributing content of any type internationally.

Implement a CDN affects everything, from your internal architecture to the cost of your IT staff, performance management and more. True power of a content delivery network is yet to be revealed in future decades, as it soars by 20% each year, but so far, the major advantages of using one are:

  • Significantly reduced page load time of your website
  • Increased revenue by 1% for every 100 ms of improvement to your page load time
  • Retaining more customers (they are more satisfied)
  • Maximum availability of your product
  • More secure network
  • No geographical barriers
  • Easy delivery of video, audio rich content
  • Build more interactive website at no cost of losing visitors due to latencies
  • Reaching mobile customers with ease
  • Branching out to new markets, regions
  • Easy management of traffic peaks
  • More scalability to your business, you can grow it as much as you want to
  • Less or now downtimes
  • Setting your own criteria to enable the best possible performance for your website

Advantages of XcellHost's Cloud CDN solutions:

  • Cost-Effective Scalability
    Our pay-as-you-go model accommodates easily to the variation in user requirements without excess capacity.
  • Accelerates Performance Growth
    Circulation of content over multiple servers within the cloud always ensures that relative increase in demand for content does not at all hampers the overall performance or compromise with the delivery aspects.
  • Geographical Reach
    If your server ever goes offline, XcellHost will serve a limited copy of your cached website to keep it online for your visitors. XcellHost builds the Always Online™ version of your website, so your most popular pages are represented.
  • Secure Content Management
    Deployment of secure and streamlined tools for the content management and monetization protects digital rights and augments return.
  • Superior Content Quality & Media rich Websites
    Efficient data and content delivery will enable you to include more affluent and innovative content in your website without sacrificing the overall performance of web page.

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