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XcellHost next-generation CDN

XcellHost designed its CDN (Content Delivery Network). Our proprietary technology takes advantage of recent changes to hardware, web server technology and network routing. In other words, we've built the next-generation CDN. The result is a CDN that is easier to setup, more affordable, and performs better than any legacy CDN you've tried before.

We build our hardware from the ground up, which means that we choose the hardware components down to the chip level. Our proprietary software allows us to process millions of requests per second efficiently. We run our own network, so we choose the exact location of our edge nodes—the most strategic points on the Internet. This is essential to ensure your visitors get the fastest page load times and best performance.

XcellHost operates out of 24 data centers around the world. Our CDN automatically caches your static files at our edge nodes so these files are stored closer to your visitors while delivering your dynamic content directly from your web server. XcellHost then uses a technology called Anycast to route your visitors to the nearest data center.

  • No configuration necessary
    You do not have to spend time designating which files to cache. XcellHost's technology builds the cache for you based on your traffic and what objects on your site are safe to serve from the edge.
  • Works with static and dynamic content
    XcellHost caches static resources including JavaScript, CSS and images. Your dynamic content continues to be served direct from your web server automatically. You can choose which subdomains that you want to be a part of XcellHost's CDN and which ones that you do not.
  • Page Rules
    Page Rules provide you with fine-grained control of XcellHost on each page of your site. You can enable full HTML caching, individually customize XcellHost's features on a page by page basis or enable edge network forwarding to improve page delivery even further.
  • Always Online
    If your server ever goes offline, XcellHost will serve a limited copy of your cached website to keep it online for your visitors. XcellHost builds the Always Online™ version of your website, so your most popular pages are represented.
  • Protect against traffic surges
    If you get a surge in traffic, XcellHost's CDN will absorb the effect so your server stays online. On average, you'll see 65% fewer requests to your servers and save 60% of your bandwidth, even with XcellHost's free plan.
  • Automatic IPv6
    Make your site available to visitors on IPv6 networks with the click of a button. No need to rush to upgrade your infrastructure. Keep your IPv4 infrastructure until you're ready, we'll make it seem to the world you're running a modern dual-stack.
  • Rock solid reliability
    With XcellHost's distributed network, if there is an issue in one of the data centers, visitors to the other data centers are unaffected. If the issue persists, our system can easily reroute visitors to the next closest data center. The end result is a seamless experience for your visitors.
  • Works with other CDNs
    If you're already using a CDN, XcellHost works as a complement. You have the choice of routing CDN traffic through XcellHost first (saving you bandwidth & money) or bypassing XcellHost altogether for your CDN traffic.

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