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Give mobile & distributed teams anywhere, anytime access

Whether it's connecting to a server via VPN or emailing files back and forth, staying productive outside the office is frustrating at best. Even moving files between a laptop, smartphone, and tablet — or from one app to another — can be downright headache-inducing. XcellDrive for Business takes the pain out of mobile access by making your team's files available everywhere, so they can be just as productive on the road as they are at their desks.

Get visibility and control that doesn't limit productivity

The marketing team is sharing product launch calendars with external agencies, department heads are sending budget forecasts to Finance, and executives are passing investor decks back and forth. More collaboration means more people accessing sensitive company data that needs to stay protected. With XcellDrive for Business, you can easily manage that flow of information without getting in its way.

Unleash collaboration with seamless, secure sharing

Your team uses all different types of files and devices to get work done — designers on Photoshop images, product team on AutoCAD models, and Finance in Excel spreadsheets. And for Sales to pull all of these into a PowerPoint deck, it means moving information into long email threads, relying on slow servers, or tossing thumb drives back and forth. Or worse yet, using online apps that give everyone yet another system to learn and work with. With XcellDrive for Business, your whole team can keep everything up to date in one place — while still using the tools they love.

Say goodbye to external sharing struggles

Working with partners, clients, and vendors is essential to your company's success, but it's rarely easy to do so. Ever tried sending an hour-long video or a massive graphics file to people outside your team? Then you know what a pain it is when they're forced to download special software or sign up for yet another service. With XcellDrive for Business, sharing files with external collaborators is simple, and your content stays protected every step of the way.

Get hassle-free peace of mind with easy backup and recovery

our files are among your company's most precious assets, so from accidental deletions to misplaced devices, you need to be prepared. Today's tools, though, can be painful, time-intensive, and costly. Manually loading data onto external hard drives, CDs, and servers, or investing in complex and expensive backup solutions is a lot of work. The worst part is that neither approach is likely to save your team's most up-to-date files. XcellDrive for Business gives you protection where it's needed most, with secure, automatic backup of the latest versions of your most frequently handled files.

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