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Flexible Cloud Storage

XcellHost Cloud Files can be used on a standalone basis giving customers the ability to have one storage solution across all their web and IT properties. This eliminates data duplication, reduces hardware requirements and simplifies storage management. Customers can move storage from a capital expense to an operating expense, and free up internal resources to focus on business critical applications.

Cloud Files are ideal for distribution, backup and storage of unstructured content such as electronic assets, digital documents, images, and rich media. Whether it's simply sharing images across websites or as part of an enterprise-wide disaster recovery strategy, Cloud Files can give you the flexibility and performance never before seen from a cloud storage solution.

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
    Unlike other cloud storage services here at XcellHost we don't limit the amount of files you can store, so you can enjoy the freedom of unlimited online storage.
  • Mobile Device Apps
    Backup your phones camera roll, quickly upload voice memos and text notes. Open, print and share documents whilst on the move.
  • 100% Automated Backups
    Losing even one day of data is painful, with XcellHost your backups are automated so you will never lose any files or data again.
  • Complete Data Security
    XcellHost takes the security and privacy of your data very seriously. All your files are encrypted with 265 Bit Encryption.
  • Access Files Anywhere
    Access your files wherever, whenever through our online control panel, mobile apps or mobile optimized site. Never be without your files again.
  • Drag & Drop to Backup
    Quickly and easily drag individual files to your XcellHost app or online control panel. It's a simple way to sync files straight to all your devices.
  • Sync Multiple Computers
    Automatically sync files across computers. You decide which files and folders you want to sync and XcellHost works in the background to sync them to the cloud.
  • 24 / 7 Technical Support
    Should you need us for anything, we're always here to help. With 24/7 365 day dedicated support, there's always someone to answer your questions.

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