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Improve your customer service capabilities and ensure a higher standard of efficiency for your entire business with the most respected automated CRM on the market. XcellHost's Hosted Microsoft CRM will help you automate your workflows and provide analytics that will boost your business productivity.

XcellEmailDefense Services Key Benefits & Features:

Increased Sales Efficiency
Increase the effectiveness of your sales efforts by equipping your team with a full suite of customer management tools, so they can spend more time closing deals, and less time on administrative tasks.
Enhanced Customer Experience
Deliver consistent service, accurate issue resolution, and relevant communications by giving your service team access to needed information through a single user interface.
Improved Data Relevance
Transform customer data into actionable knowledge. Respond quickly to emerging market opportunities by easily identifying trends with insightful analytics and reports.
Advanced Lead Handling
Uncover new opportunities and make effective cross-sell and up-sell offers with automated lead routing, interaction tracking, and targeted communications.
Maximized Marketing Campaigns
Provide your team with intuitive tools to help increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and maximize revenue opportunities.
Streamlined Business Processes
Enable your team to be more productive by automating business processes and time-consuming repetitive tasks.
Simplified Service Scheduling
Sustain long-term business by keeping your customers satisfied with automatic creation and assignment of client interactions such as phone calls, appointments, and emails.
Centralized Customer Information
Give your team fast access to a 360-degree view of your customers and gather lead information, marketing pitches, and sales call information into one central location.
Assured User Adoption
Drive user adoption with an application that integrates seamlessly with the familiar and easy to use Office Outlook.
Real-Time Business Insight
Accurately measure return on investment by tracking key performance factors and generating real-time performance reports.

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